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Armenia is an amazing country with an ancient history, rich cultural heritage and unique natural beauties. Going on a tourist journey along the roads of this country by car, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of its history, see unforgettable monuments and sights, as well as enjoy the unique mountain scenery while driving on serpentine roads. You can rent a car in Armenia right after your arrival in Yerevan.

A little history of Armenia

The country, mentions of which date back to the VI century BC, Armenia is the most ancient, original and distinguished by the national flavor of the population of the state. Historical monuments testifying to the rich past of this land have been preserved here. Among them are: ancient architectural masterpieces, Christian temples and medieval fortresses. Let's list the places that are worth a tourist's visit. Renting a car in Armenia is a common thing, you can easily rent a Mercedes or another brand of vehicle.

Places that attract tourists

Armenia has many places that attract tourists from all over the world: temples and monasteries, ancient cities, nature reserves with unique flora and fauna, as well as ski resorts. Traveling by car through this amazing country, you can enjoy the beauty and unique mountain scenery. Renting a car in Armenia is possible without a driver, and the prices are easy to find out when visiting the company in person, on the website or by phone.

A short list of places that are recommended to see.

  • Zvartnots Temple, built in the 7th century. One of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

  • The ancient temple of Garni, included in the UNESCO heritage list. It was built in the 1st century AD.

  • Echmiadzin Cathedral. It was built in the IV century and is a symbol of the national faith in the country.

  • Zvartnots is a hilltop fortress. It was built in the IX century.

  • Fort Nuri of the VII century. It is included in the list of top tourist sites of the country.

  • Ancient settlement Lori-Berd, located in the mountains in the north of Armenia.

  • The city of Sarnil Karaj in the south of the state with a huge number of archaeological monuments.

Length of roads and pavement peculiarities

The total length of the paved roads in Armenia, approximately 7,705 kilometers. The city streets and the roads between them have good quality pavement. Motorists should not forget that this is a mountainous country with a huge number of extreme serpentines. On steep sections, the roads are narrow and in poor condition. This factor makes trips to historical monuments a little difficult for beginners behind the wheel. The country's government is actively working to improve the infrastructure and road surface to ensure safety and comfort for citizens and visitors. Renting a car with a driver in Armenia is one of the common services for guests who are here on business trips.

Features of Armenia's roads

  • Uneven pavement

  • Winding serpentines in the mountains, as well as gravel sections on the approaches to monuments in remote rural areas.

  • Limited infrastructure in some areas (lack of gas stations, service stations, canteens and roadside hotels).

This indicates that when leaving, the driver needs to be sure of the reliability of the car and the amount of fuel. Renting a car in Armenia without a driver is a popular and convenient service that allows guests of the country to maintain mobility.

Peculiarities of driving a car on the roads of Armenia

Traveling by car, you need to know the peculiarities of road traffic in this country. For example, local chauffeurs actively use a sound signal. Do not be surprised if they actively press the klaxon. Do not be afraid. Do not resort to emergency braking.

Pay attention to improper parking, it is not rare here. Be careful when driving around a series of vehicles standing right on the roads in the center of big cities. They often block the view, and Armenians like to drive fast. There is a chance of getting into an accident if you don't keep your eyes on the road. Observe the speed limit and be ready for unexpected situations. Only with us you can rent a car in Gyumri, Armenia, and Yerevan, the capital of the country.

We have prepared a short list of interesting features of Armenia's traffic regulations

  • It is allowed to use car chains on wheels in case of snowfall or ice. It breaks the roads, but it is used by locals very rarely, and mostly on country roads and gravel sections.

  • It is obligatory to use emergency signs in case of breakdown or stopping on the road.

  • The country's traffic police requires the mandatory use of seat belts for rear seat passengers.

  • It is forbidden to use a cell phone while driving, except for talking on a headset or hands-free.

  • When flashing lights are on, service vehicles are authorized to stop at intersections and high-speed sections of the road.

  • It is obligatory to use dipped headlights around the clock. If you drive with parking lights, you will have to pay a fine.

  • The owner of the car is always responsible, even if he was not driving.

Rent a car in Armenia is very developed, and prices pleasantly surprise tourists

Natural beauties and unique places

Armenia is famous for its unique natural beauties. Mountain landscapes, picturesque valleys, crystal clear lakes and mountain peaks - all this can be seen, going on a trip by car along the roads of this amazing country.

Let's list the unique places recommended for a tourist traveling by car.

  • The beautiful Azat Valley, with picturesque gorges and rocky mountain slopes.

  • Lake Sevan, located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.

  • Maiden Field, famous for its variety of colors and attracting with automata of relict herbs.

  • Karahunj Canyon, with a grove of redwood trees, which has no analogues in the world.

The country surprises visitors traveling by car and offers a unique travel experience.

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