Car rental in Georgia

Questions about rentals in Georgia

Useful information about renting in Georgia

About a hundred carsharing and car rental companies are successfully operating in Georgia. There are world-renowned companies among them, as well as local car rental services. High competition is to the advantage of clients. Rental companies strive to maximize service, develop for motorists various attractive packages of economy and luxury class services with a flexible payment system and low cost of rent.

Popular destinations for car rental in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country with an ancient history and a developed sphere of modern business. Therefore, the main destination, the component of which becomes car rental in Georgia, is traveling on highways in order to visit numerous sights. In addition, car rental is a convenient way to save on transportation costs during business trips within the limits of one city. It is also a good option for traveling between populated areas of the country.

What kind of car should be chosen for traveling in Georgia

Georgia is a country with a developed highway system. Most of the "transportation arteries" are in excellent condition. Therefore, in the warm season the most popular cars are sedans of any brand.

If a trip to natural beauties is planned, it is worth renting a car with high ground clearance and four-wheel drive. The same transportation is better suited for traveling in winter.

As for small cars, it is possible to find such cars in rental centers, of course. However, such models are not popular in Georgia.

Important point! When renting a car, you should pay attention to the steering wheel position. Both left-handed and right-handed cars can be found in Georgian rental shops.

What documents are needed for car rental

  • Car rental in Georgia is possible if you have a passport and a driver's license. In order to drive a passenger car, the license must have a category "B".

  • Standard requirements for people taking vehicles:

  • Age more than 21 years.

  • Driving experience of three years or more.

In addition, obtaining insurance is required. Many car rental companies offer customers the lowest possible coefficient on TPL, CDW and CDW+. This allows motorists to rent cars at minimal cost while receiving guaranteed protection in the event of a road accident. For maximum protection, we recommend taking out TPL and CDW+. This will allow you to include third parties involved in an accident, as well as fully insure the vehicle (down to the bottom, windows and tires of the car).

Vacation in Georgia

Freedom of movement on a rented car helps to see all the beauties of Georgia. These are neo-Gothic castles and monasteries dating back to the V and VI centuries, the most beautiful places of Metekhi, Kazbegi, Telavi, Kakheti. By renting a car you can get in touch with history by driving along the Georgian Military Road.

Tourists who do not want to stay in one place are entertained by mineral springs and ski resorts, which are conveniently accessible by car. Wine tours with free alcohol tasting will require a test of will. We remind you that if you choose this type of vacation, you should refuse to drive for at least a day.

The most popular cities for car rental in Georgia

Statistics of car orders allows you to determine the top 10 cities in which the car rental service is most in demand:

  • Tbilisi

  • Batumi

  • Kobuleti

  • Gudauri

  • Kutaisi

  • Borjomi

  • Poti

In each of the listed settlements of Georgia you can rent a car with or without a driver. If the order for car rental is received in Tbilisi or Kutaisi, specialized services provide services for delivery of the vehicle directly to the airport. This allows customers to start using the rented car immediately after arriving in the country.

It is possible to cross the border of Georgia with a rented car

Not every rental company has the service of traveling outside Georgia with a rented vehicle. Besides, there is a categorical ban on leaving Georgia with a rented car to Russia, Turkey, Abkhazia, South Ossetia.

Some companies provide service for trips to Azerbaijan and Armenia. At the border the driver needs to present the car documents as well as a permit to leave Georgia. The permit is obtained in advance from the rental company and is paid in a separate amount (the average amount is 80 dollars).

Georgian car rental is well developed. It is easy to book necessary cars online. Rental terms are different. It can be one day, a week, a month and even a year. Thanks to an extensive network of rental offices, you can rent and return cars in any corner of Georgia.

All offices, where car rent is processed, are conveniently located in crowded places. This allows you to find them without any problems. Car rental in Georgia is convenient and reliable. See for yourself!