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Azerbaijan is a paradise place, with mountainous landscapes of the Caucasus, sea beaches of the Caspian Sea and hot climate. Oriental exoticism and modern comfort are perfectly combined here. Traveling through this amazing country by car will allow the tourist to see ancient monuments of architecture and enjoy the unique beauties of nature. Such a service as car rental in Azerbaijan is widespread here.

Traditions and national flavor of the country

One of the symbols of Azerbaijan is the dance of Azerbaijanis with sabers. It conveys the warrior spirit and the people's resistance to difficulties. The traditional clothing of Azerbaijanis is the turban, a headdress made of long silk or satin.

Azerbaijani culture is rich in various handicrafts: carpets, painted ceramics, silver jewelry. National cuisine is an integral part of the country's culture, with a wealth of tastes and aromas. All this creates a unique atmosphere and makes the state a unique place, attracting tourists by car from all over the world.

Length of roads and peculiarities of pavement

The road network of Azerbaijan is more than 25 thousand kilometers, including federal, regional and rural roads. Most of the highways are covered with good quality asphalt. The prosperity of the country after its secession from the USSR has increased dramatically. This has had a positive impact on the quality of the road surface. There are no well-maintained roads in the countryside and mountainous areas. Here, tourists will find it convenient to travel by off-road vehicles. It is easy to rent cars of this class in Azerbaijan.

In some parts of the roads need repair to improve the quality of the road surface. Construction of new arteries for cars and reconstruction of old ones are the priority tasks set by the government of the country. This is important to improve the safety and efficiency of the state's transportation infrastructure. It is important for tourists by car to know that when traveling between cities it is worth calculating the amount of fuel and food in advance. Here you may encounter a lack of infrastructure: gas stations, service stations, roadside cafes, hotels, etc.

Peculiarities of driving style of the population and traffic rules

The peculiarity of driving in Azerbaijan is dynamism and emotionality. Local drivers drive at high speed and do not always follow traffic rules. We have collected a list of unique features of traffic rules of the country. It is important to know them to a tourist who travels around Azerbaijan by road.

  • The speed limit on highways is 110 km/hour, on main roads - 90 km/hour, in populated areas - 60 km/hour.

  • To enter the territory of Azerbaijan it is necessary to have an international insurance.

  • Drivers are prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol. The permissible level in the blood is 0.3 ppm.

When traveling by rental car, we recommend you to be careful and cautious to avoid possible trouble on the road. You can rent a car in Azerbaijan using Onetworent service.

Sights, monuments and beautiful places

Azerbaijan is famous for its sights and monuments. They are worth visiting while traveling around the country by road.

  • Goygol waterfall is about 70 meters high. It is located in a picturesque gorge and attracts tourists who love beautiful photos.

  • Oguz Ali is a monument to the great poet, originally erected in the city of Shusha. Later it was moved to Baku.

  • Gobustan is a unique archeological site where you can see ancient petroglyphs created 12 thousand years ago. This monument is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site.

  • Icheri Sheher is the historical center of Baku, surrounded by walls and towers. Here you can see a huge number of buildings, narrow streets and ancient mosques that have preserved the spirit of the Middle East of ancient times.

  • Ateshgah is a famous temple located in the suburbs of Baku. It is a marvelous structure with a fire burning inside. It has been blazing for several centuries and is the embodiment of Zoroastrianism.

  • Mausoleum of Sheikh Diri is a sacred place for Muslims, and the main object of pilgrims in Azerbaijan. Built in the 15th century in memory of a famous mule, it attracts devout tourists from all over the world.

  • Denderah is a necropolis located near the town of Guba. Here you can see numerous stone tombstones reflecting the ancient customs and traditions of the people.

Each place is unique and inimitable. They will leave unforgettable impressions in the heart of a car traveler.

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