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Cyprus is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of the country is the city of Nicosia. It attracts tourists with its beaches and picturesque landscapes and mild climate. The island is home to about 1.2 million people, mostly Greeks and Turks. Traveling in Cyprus on a TC is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the flavor of this beautiful country and see its beauty.

Traditions and attitude to tourists on Cyprus

One of the brightest features of Cypriot culture is that cultures of different confessions have left their mark here. Traditional dishes such as moussaka and halloumi will surprise visitors traveling by car with their unique taste. You can rent a car in the northern and southern parts of Cyprus using the selection sites.

The attitude to tourists here is characterized by hospitality and cordiality. Locals are ready to help and tell about local attractions and culture. In tourist areas, English and Russian languages are widely spoken. Cypriots appreciate tourists and support their interest in local heritage and culture. Visitors to the island will appreciate the unique atmosphere of hospitality and warmth that this amazing island offers.

Road length and pavement features on Cyprus

The total length of roads on the island of Cyprus is about 10,250 kilometers. The quality of the roads is remarkable, but the coverage is different: from asphalt to gravel. Even off-road there are no bumps, bumps and excessive mud. The government and public services monitor the condition of every meter of roadway, providing comfort for people using motor transport.

Mountain serpentines pave them, and the coast is sprinkled with narrow automobile roads. Asphalt pavement can easily withstand the maritime climate and increased traffic. Proper maintenance keeps the roads in acceptable condition. It is possible, even short-term rent a car in Loranca or another city to get to the airport on your own. The vehicle can be left right there, having previously agreed with a representative of the company.

Peculiarities of the driving style of the population and local traffic regulations on Cyprus

In Cyprus there are traffic rules that correspond to European standards. It is worth taking into account that locals like to drive fast and do not always comply with traffic rules. Below, their peculiarities are listed:

  • Traffic speed in populated areas of the island of Cyprus is limited to 50 km / h, and outside of them - 80 km / h.

  • Parking is prohibited on sidewalks and in the area of crosswalks.

  • To drive here it is necessary to have an international license.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by a fine.

  • You can pay a fine for a traffic violation on the spot or within the period specified in the receipt.

Therefore, be careful on the roads, especially in urban centers and at intersections. Visitors to the country always have the opportunity to rent a car in Cyprus in the city of Limassol or any other settlement of the island in a matter of minutes.

Sights, cultural monuments and beautiful places on Cyprus

Cyprus is an ancient island, which will please lovers of ancient monuments. Traveling by car in Cyprus, be sure to visit:

  • Ancient theater in Kurion - it was built in the 2nd century BC and seats up to 3500 spectators.

  • Ayia Napa Christian Mausoleum, Hala Sultana Mosque and the Museum of Mediterranean Art in Laranca.

  • Mount Olympus - the highest point on the island with picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Kykkos Monastery - built in the 11th century and houses a huge number of valuable Christian relics.

  • Hawaii Salamis - an ancient city founded by the Phoenicians. Here you can see the ruins of the amphitheater, forum, thermae and hypodrome.

  • St. John's Cathedral and the Palace of the Archbishop, located in Nicosia.

  • Belapais Monastery - it was founded in the 13th century as a refuge for Christian monks.

  • The most beautiful beaches are Nissi Beach and Makronisos.

To rent a car in the city of Paphos, Limassol, or another corner of Cyprus, you need an international license and an identity document.

Picturesque places on Cyprus

Cyprus is famous for its unique nature and picturesque landscapes. A tourist using rental car transportation should definitely visit:

  • Troodos Mountains with secluded monasteries and stunning sea views;

  • Akamas Nature Reserve with its pristine beaches, and creative gorges;

  • St. Elias Ridge, with panoramic views of the country and extreme serpentines that will give thrill and drive to visitors traveling by car.

You can rent a car in Cyprus, in Loranca, Nicosia, Paphos and other cities of the island using our website.

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