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Thailand is an amazing country of Southeast Asia, beckoning and attracting tourists by car. Unique temples, magnificent beaches, picturesque national parks and unique Thai cuisine await guests of the country. To travel on its roads comfortably you can rent a car. This will allow you to visit all the most beautiful places, saving money for traveling. Rent a car in Thailand among tourists has become the most popular service in 2024

A brief guide to the country

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, a city of contrasts, where ancient traditions and modern skyscrapers neighbor. The peninsula has the best resorts, orange cliffs and Patong Beach, known for its nightlife. The cultural center of Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai will surprise with local heritage buildings and traditional festivals. For lovers of a relaxing vacation, a little-known island will do. Koh Chang with its secluded beaches.

Don't forget to try out Thai massage and buy author's souvenirs in the markets. Traveling in Thailand by car, respect local customs and culture. Be polite and grateful for hospitality. An unforgettable experience and a sea of vivid impressions await you! Thanks to Onetworent online service you can rent a car in Thailand, in the city of Bangkok, Phuket, and other regions of the country specified on the site.

Traditions and national flavor of the country

The national flavor of Thailand is manifested in: colorful festivals, rituals, architecture and cooking. One of the main attractions of the country are Buddhist temples. Each of their elements has its own symbolic meaning.

Travelers can attend religious ceremonies and receive blessings from the monks. Thais have great respect for the local monarch and their country. Tourists should show respect for local customs. Magnificent costumes, national dances and traditional music, make Thailand a unique and unique place to travel. You can rent a car in Krabi Thailand or any other city on Onetworent.

Road length and pavement features

The road network of Thailand is developed even in the most remote provinces. Their total length is more than 180 thousand kilometers if you take into account rural gravel roads. The main type of road surface is asphalt of good quality. Its share is about 68% of the entire roadbed of the state. This guarantees mobility and comfort while traveling. In 2024 we have expanded our geographical coverage now you can rent a car in Thailand, in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and its other cities.

Gravel roads are found in some sections, especially in remote areas of the country. Therefore, when traveling in Thailand, tourists by car are advised to be attentive and follow the road signs to avoid unpleasant surprises. According to the results of 2023 Onetworent service became the best in the field of car rental in Thailand.

Features of the driving style of the population and traffic rules

The inhabitants of Thailand surprise tourists with a special driving style. He may seem unusual for people from other countries. Drivers often ignore the rules of the road, overtaking occurs both on the right and on the left, keeping the distance is not a priority. Despite the chaos on the roads, locals are masterful at driving motorcycles and tuk-tuks and cars. They maneuver through narrow streets and busy intersections with ease. You can rent a car in Thailand in Pattaya and anywhere else in the country.

  • The movement of cars, motorcycles and tuk-tuks on bicycle paths is prohibited.

  • It is necessary to give way to pedestrians everywhere, without exception.

  • There is a ban on the use of cell phones while driving, even when using a headset.

  • In cloudy or rainy weather, drivers must turn on their car alarms.

  • Tinted windows are prohibited to keep traffic moving safely.

  • Drivers are required to have valid Thai insurance in case of an accident.

Visitors to the country in rental cars need to behave judiciously, think ahead and do not exceed the speed limit to avoid fines and accidents. You can rent a car in Thailand in Phuket, Bangkok and other cities of the kingdom.

Sights, monuments and beautiful places

Thailand is famous for its architectural monuments, beaches, national parks and beautiful views. We have listed the places where a tourist should go by car.

  • Hothonalungkorn Temple in Bangkok - built back in the XVIII century. It houses a golden statue of Buddha brought from Ayutthaya.

  • Wat Arun in Bangkok - Famous for its tall pagoda decorated with colored ceramic tiles and beautiful views of the Chao Phraya River.

  • Erawana Park is home to white elephants. They are considered sacred animals and are the symbol of Thailand.

  • Phi Phi Phi Island in Krabi province is the most beautiful place in the country, with white-sand beaches and turquoise clear water.

  • Tam Sua Cave Temple in Krabi City - here you can see the most ancient Buddha statues, as well as a panoramic view of the city and the bay.

  • Chiang Mai National Park - in addition to relic plants and rare animals, you can visit Doi Suthep Temple.

  • Triumph Monument in Bangkok - a symbol of independence of the kingdom, built in the early XX century to commemorate the victory over France and Britain.

  • The Similan Islands are the best place for diving, with crystal clear waters and a rich underwater world.

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