Georgia Car Rental Conditions

  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Rental rates are calculated on a daily basis, and renting a car for less than a day is charged as a full day. For example, if a car is rented at 09:00 on Monday and returned at 10:00 on Tuesday, the rental period will be considered as 2 days.

  • The rental period can be extended with prior agreement from the company's manager.

  • When returning the car, the fuel level in the tank should be the same as it was when the car was received. If the fuel level is lower upon return, the renter is responsible for paying the difference based on the rental rates. If it's higher, the difference is not reimbursed.

  • If the car is returned significantly dirty, making it difficult to inspect, a car wash will be carried out at the client's expense.

  • Standard insurance (Third Party Liability) does not cover damages to wheels, the undercarriage, the front windshield, and the interior of the car.

  • In the event of an insurance claim, the renter must immediately notify the rental company's manager and obtain a police accident report (unless otherwise agreed with the manager). Failure to comply with these conditions renders the insurance issued for the car invalid, and all responsibility falls on the renter.

  • Rented cars are only allowed to be used on public roads.

  • It is prohibited to drive rented cars on the following routes:

    • Mestia – Ushguli – Lentekhi – Kutaisi

    • Akhaltsikhe – Batumi

    • Regions of Tusheti, Omalo, and Shatili.

    This is due to the poor condition of the road surface, and insurance does not cover these routes.

  • Renting a car for travel outside the country is not allowed unless agreed upon with the rental manager.

  • The contact phone number with the correct country code provided during booking must be accessible throughout the entire rental period and on the day of car pickup. Claims regarding service quality will not be considered if it was impossible to contact the renter via mobile phone or messaging apps (WhatsApp / Telegram).

  • The renter is responsible for paying fines, fuel, and parking fees.

  • The minimum age for a driver is 21 years, the maximum is 65 years, and the minimum driving experience required is 2 years. The rental manager reserves the right to refuse car rental if the driver's age and experience do not meet these requirements.

  • A national driver's license duplicated in Latin script is sufficient for renting a car. It is recommended to include an International Driving Permit (IDP) if your driver's license is only valid in the country where it was issued and provide it upon request.

  • If a credit card is required for the deposit, it must be in the name of the primary driver.

  • Small pets can be transported in rented cars but must be placed in special containers.