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Poti, located on the banks of the Rioni River, is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. This historic city is known for its architectural monuments, cultural heritage and amazing nature. Rent a car in Poti is a great choice for travelers who want to fully enjoy the beauty of this region. In this article, we will talk about the best routes in Poti, hotels with parking, traffic jams and Onetworent car rental service.

Top routes in Poti

  • Poti Museum - Visit the Poti Museum to learn more about the city's rich history, its cultural heritage and archaeological finds.

  • Rioni river embankment - A walk along the Rioni river embankment will give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views, cozy cafes and restaurants, as well as active leisure activities such as water walks and fishing.

  • Belladji Temple - Visit the ancient Belladji Temple, built in the 8th century, to feel the spirit of history and get acquainted with the religious traditions of Georgia.

  • Garden Park - Relax in the Garden Park, enjoying the greenery, ponds, and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Kawsadze Castle - Visit Kawsadze Castle to see the majestic structure, as well as to enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings.

Hotels in Poti with parking for cars

  • Hotel Kolkha - A cosy hotel with comfortable rooms and convenient parking for guests.

  • Golden Fleece Hotel - A modern hotel with excellent accommodation and free parking.

  • Hotel Premier - An elegant hotel with a high level of service and comfortable parking.

Features of traffic rules in Poti

When renting a car in Poti, you should take into account the local traffic rules. Georgia has right-hand traffic, and all drivers are required to wear seat belts. The maximum speed in settlements is 60 km/h, on suburban roads 90 km/h, and on motorways 110 km/h. Remember safety and respect other road users.

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A car trip through Poti will make your vacation unforgettable. Renting a car allows you to explore the city and its surroundings in comfort and convenience. Onetworent can help you find and book a suitable car at a good price. Have a good trip!