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Budva is the jewel of the Montenegrin coast, known for its picturesque beaches, historical sights and bustling nightlife. To get the most out of this city and its surroundings, renting a car in Budva is an excellent option. In this article, we'll look at the best routes for road trips, hotels with parking, traffic features, and Onetworent.

Top routes in Budva

Budva and its surroundings offer many interesting places to visit by car:

  • The old town of Budva: narrow streets, ancient fortress walls and cozy cafes - the perfect place to start your journey.

  • Mogren Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in Budva, accessible by car.

  • St. Stephen: A luxurious island hotel located just a few miles from Budva.

  • Kotor: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town is located 30 minutes by car from Budva.

  • Lovchen National Park: A great place for those who love nature and mountain views.

Budva hotels with parking for cars

  • Hotel Budva: A modern hotel with parking, located in the city centre.

  • Avala Resort & Villas: A luxurious resort with parking and a magnificent sea view.

  • Hotel Moskva: A comfortable hotel with free parking for its guests.

  • Slovenska Plaza: A large hotel complex with several parking areas.

  • Dukley Hotel & Resort: An exclusive resort with private parking and high-end services.

The peculiarities of the PYD in Montenegro

When renting a car in Budva it is important to know the main features of the road traffic rules in Montenegro:

  • Speed limit: In urban areas the speed limit is 50 km/h, outside these areas it is 80 km/h, on motorways it is up to 120 km/h.

  • Alcohol: The legal limit for alcohol in the blood is - 0.3 ppm.

  • Headlights: Make sure the headlights are on at all times.

  • Seat belts: are required for all passengers.

  • Mobile phones: Prohibited without a hands-free system.

About the company Onetworent

Onetworent - is a reliable car rental aggregator that partners with private renters and local rental companies. There are many benefits to using Onetworent:

  • A wide range of cars: from economy models to luxury SUVs.

  • Transparent pricing: No hidden fees or surcharges.

  • Booking convenience: The ability to choose and compare cars online.

  • Customer support: 24-hour support and assistance in any situation.

  • Reviews and ratings: Reliable customer reviews help you choose the best option.

Car rental in Budva with Onetworent allows you to enjoy freedom of movement and comfort throughout your holiday. Whether you plan to explore historical sights or enjoy a beach vacation, renting a car will make your trip unforgettable.